Exterior Painting

After many years of painting exteriors and replacing wood rot In Kansas City we have learned that structures in our area require the attention needed to address all weather conditions; wet, dry, hot and cold; all of which wreak havoc on structures.  The obvious benefit of paint on a building is its ability to add beauty and character but the primary reason for painting a structure is to protect the materials that cover the exterior of those buildings from the elements. That why we use only the best available lumber, caulking and paints on all of our exterior paint jobs.



When repairing wood rot on a home it is important that you replace the bad lumber with a material that is going to stand the test of time. Wood rot is caused by water penetration.  The most common causes of wood rot are poor construction, wrong lumber or wrong products used when appling coatings. When painting or repainting we pay extra attention to the areas where water and insects can cause a problem and use the top of the line products to ensure the longest possible life of the coatings and structure.Cedar

Trees such as the cedar tree have developed self-protective qualities that allow the tree to fend off insects, rot and temperature related stresses. That makes cedar wood very useful as home building material where humidity, temperature, and cracking are a common problem; Cedar wood  also has remarkable dimensional stability. This means the wood doesn’t change its size or dimension despite weather, humidity or temperature conditions. Many types of wood will warp when subjected to moisture, but cedar stays straight and flat which makes it perfect for house siding. Many clear cedar wood products can be stained and painted and not lose their beautiful grained appearance. Cedar siding too if painted expertly under the correct conditions, will retain the grain texture with a color that pleases the homeowner.



Caulks range in price from 1 dollar to well over 5 dollars per tube.  When caulkinSherm max Caulkingg an exterior it itop gun 400 caulks not uncommon to use two or more cases of caulking.  Some painters and armatures will use the inexpensive caulking or no caulking at all.  This can make over a $400.00 difference in the price just on the materials alone.  Most paint job failures are due to water penetration and the caulking is quite possibly one of the most important steps to preventing that. The biggest problem with the inexpensive caulks is that over time they become hard and brittle.  This causes the caulked joints to fail if there is any movement in the structure.  Here at Trademark Walls using the best caulking available is a must to ensure that our finished job lasts as long as possible.



When it comes to exterior paints there are many great products on the market and the cost per gallon can get quite high on the premium ones.  This high initial cost deters many in the market for an exterior paint job from using premium paints.  Premium paints are often considered lifetime products and last way longer than conventional paints. Although lifetime is a stretch it is not uncommon to get two to three times the length between repaints than you would get with a conventional paint.  With the high cost of labor, the overall material costs pale in comparison so unless you like to change the color of your building often then it makes the most sense to go with the product that will give you the most years between repaints. When painting exteriors we use primarily two brands of premium paints Perminizer  Or Duration.


Our Exterior paint estimates are done with much consideration.  We give you a detailed list of labor items and materials that we believe necessary to complete you project properly; and in case of extras we will discuss any needed items and their cost before we proceed.  “You often  get less than you pay for but never more”  know exactly what your getting with a detailed estimate.