Interior Painting

All paints are not created equal! Sure but does that mean that only one type or brand is better? The answer may surprise you. The truth is that every paint has different characteristics. There are many factors to consider when choosing a paint. Some of them are.
Time: How long will you be able to lend the space or item for a project? Some paints dry faster than others due to the carriers that the pigments are incorporated into. The trade off is that the finish may be a little more even on paints that dry slower. When you have a last minute house guest and want to do a quick face lift it helps to use a product that can be done in one day as opposed to three.
Cost: What are you cost constraints. A higher priced paint will offer you better finish and durability.
Necessity: Do ceiling really need to be painted with the highest quality paint? ceiling paints don’t have to be scrubbable or scuff resistant so a cheaper paint is often just fine. Many painters and manufacturers recommend the cheaper products due to their properties and not their cost.
Sheen. Every manufacturer creates their sheens differently one company’s satin finish may be super shiny and another’s will be super dull. It helps to have a contractor who knows or can find out exactly shiny the pain will be before its applied.